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About ios.Eduardorandom.com


I started this project around august and was finally able to finish in the last week of January.

The idea or ideas of the subdomain is mixture of different thing. The first purpose was to separate my jailbreak software from this main theme into something that allowed users to be able see only software, not post and other things. The themes itself hasn’t been decided at the moment, so expect more appearance changes from it. The second idea was to extend the first idea with my own resources. Sometimes I need resources from my friends, however I wanted a project that took long which it actually did took longer than expect aka 6 months. It took me that long because of job I had for four months which meant less time.

The issue was the seo plugin’s author I used for the start of the project decided to give up on the project because he had too much things to do. I’m not blaming nor going to point fingers, the plugin was great however it was not going to be working if wordpress was going to be updated on a monthly plan.

So I had to redo the seo from scratch several times. It wasn’t fun because it took time. Open page, edit this with that and saved page. Repeat the same process for about 2000 items. The next seo plugin I found made things easier to bulk edit, but google wasn’t able to find the sitemap because of more issues which slowed down the project even more. (Ughh.) Not until I decided to go back to yoast and a bulk editor to make the editing much easier. Yoast itself isn’t bad but editing over 2000 pages isn’t fun and wont’ never be fun.

The last idea to who anyone is reading this is to make a new app. Just like the jailbreak library, I want to create an app that helps download IPSW.

About Eduardo Martinez

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