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You’re with Eduardorandom, today I’m going to discuss about a mobile application that can help users to keep information on schedule. College students and outgoing people like myself have to accomplish tasks or goals from day to night. The same amount of users are using their memory to remember tasks that were finished, in progress or due some other time. Remembering things is not an easy task because some get lost because of distractions and other get misplaced with more distractions, so it best to write it out or type it out. I started from small pieces of paper then to notes app and now I’m using reminder apps. One app I came across is called Centrallo.

It’s an app that allows persons to access their data anywhere, from iPhone, Android, and computer (Web).

With that said, let’s get started to give your device more options!

How to Download the application and where:



For New Users:

Registration is required

After registration, it will synchronize with the Centrallo Servers

Welcome Email will be sent to email used (If traditional style was selected instead of social networks)

After few days, Centrallo will email tips

Records: (Not part of the app)


In this section we see Lists and Notes. This is where most of the magic happens when making and editing data. If someone wants to make a lists or notes, users will need to click on the centrallo icon on the bottom right.

  • Lists:
    • Functionality (8 Active)

This list is a sample of a list. All the notes bellow are default samples that comes when users first sign up. By having sample data such as this, users can have an idea of what Centrallo is capable of. All of the sentences in “” are the exact words from the samples.

  • Archive (Sample)
    • Anything in your account can be archived and sent to the secure Centrallo cloud for future search and find access.”
  • Checklists (Sample)
    • Add checklists to keep yourself (and perhaps others on your team) organized. Share them with anyone.”
  • Move (Sample)
    • Any of your account contect can be moved into lists or notes. Simply highlight the content you want to move, tap the move icon and choose your location.”
  • Notes (Sample)
    • Notes stand-alone and can be added to lists. Add text notes, voice notes, photos, videos, web links, contacts, to-do’s, location, due dates, Dropbox, OneNotes and Google Drive links, and more. Add Attachments too.”
  • Protect (Sample)
    • For content requiring an extra layer of protection, password protect it.”
  • Publish (Sample)
    • Anything in your Centrallo account can be easily published via a secure URL/ Web Link included with you account. Simply highlight the items you want to publish, tap the publish icon, add email addresses –and your content is published. Content can be also published directly to Twitter and Facebook.”
  • Search (Sample)
    • Search anything your Centrallo account. All text is automatically tagged. Searching and finding has never been easier.”
  • Share (Sample)
    • Anything in Your centrallo can be easily be easily sjhared with others. Simply highlight the items you want to share, tap the share icon, add email addresses –and your content is shared.”
  • Notes:
    • What are Priorities? (Sample)
      • The priorities tab displays your most important items in a simple view. Anything in your Centrallo account can be starred and prioritized no matter where the information is organized.
    • What are Lists? (Sample)
      • “Lists are where your important information can be structured and organized. Centrallo offers unlimited list hierarchies, meaning that you can create unlimited numbers of lists. Lists (and all lists content) can be shared with anyone at any level and also published to the web via a private URL (including in your account”


In this section we see inbox. In order to for this work, Centrallo users will need to know the “forward to email address”. This can be found in Settings> Inbox. The default inbound address is the one used to sign up. This means that the forward address will only accept email from the email. To add more trusted emails, Centrallo users will need to add them to the trusted emails.  A simple definition is that a user can send notes directly from one email address (Trusted emails only) to the Centrallo account.

  • What is Inbox? (Sample)
    • “Your inbox is the place where your standard-alone pieces of information are collected then organized. It’s a place where important information that crosses your mind, email, phones and social networks during the day can be sent for deferred action and review.

Thoughts can be added with one simple tap. Web links can be sent into you inbox with one tap from your smart phone. Emails can also be forwarded from outside Centrallo. Your account comes with a free Centrallo email address (fin yours in settings). Use this address to send yourself important emails with attachments (flight conformation, contracts that need review, etc.) Be sure to add all of your Trusted Email Address into Centrallo (also found in Settings) so that forwarded emails reach your inbox.”


In this section we see priorities. Simple definition is that if items are starred, they will also show up in this section. This idea is to take out the non-priorities from the collection.

  • What is Priorities? (Sample Data)
    • “The priorities tab displays your most important items in a simple view. Anything in your Centrallo account can be starred and prioritized no matter where the information is organized.


Shows recent data. So if I were to add or edit a note or Lists inside the app itself. An example would be if I were to edit one of the sample data, the note would show up in this section.


This is easy to tell. All the deleted trash will end here before they get permanently deleted.


Usage Space Info.

This information shows how much of the space is used. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on it every once in a while.


Earn Free Notes (Referral)

Share Centrallo to other users. By using the referral link, Centrallo users will get 50 free notes. Users can share the link through Facebook, twitter, Google+ or other methods. Email is also a method.


Premium Account

This allows users to upgrade from the default account. People who upgrade will have the option for unlimited notes, lists and attachments included 15 gb for other things.


$45/Year (Save $15)



This is the place for the forward address. It also the place to add more trusted addresses.



Control the notifications for various things such as sharing things. The things that can be controlled are the added to, Edited, Completed and Deleted notifications.



This allows user to choice how Centrallo can remind users. By default, the Centrallo calendar is used an option. The other option is the Google calendar (Required to be installed). Google calendar information can be included such as the national holiday.


App Version

Learn the current version of the app.


Send logs to Development

Report bugs to the Centrallo team


Other Info:

1000mb Space

Person can protect, Prioritize and share notes.  (They are explained in the sample list)

Archive, Change notes, Move, delete and colorized notes. (They are explained in the sample list)

Tested on:

Phone: Samsung Galaxy s3

Provider: Att

Model: D2att

Version: 4.4.4

App Version: 2.1.21008



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