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How To Download From Youtube Using Layaayoutube.com


Video URL


Java Installed



This is Eduardorandom!

This is a new process for the followers that they may enjoy! This time, im going to review websites and software to download. This process is going to happen for website online (Universal) and windows computers (Later).



This samples are links to my channels. If the service downloads them, I’ll add a message. The samples won’t be coming from any official music from artists or similar to the samples.

Youtube: Works



Dailymotion: Not compatible



Vimeo: Not compatible




“LataaYouTube.com download videos from YouTube to the desired shape without additional software”


Supported Sites:


Supported Formats:








Other Notes:

It’s in another language

Chrome extension available

Online converter is available

Typing lataa in from of youtube to begin process

https://www.lataayoutube.com/watch?v=BSxmOKTpDp8 [Example]

720 kbps

480 kbps

360 kbps

240 kbps

144 kbps

Extended features when downloading


Simple or Not:

Simple & Hard

Copy address, paste address and click the download link when the conversation is complete [Simple]

Copy address, paste address, choose the additional features, choose what you want and click the download link when the conversation is complete [Hard]



Small Legend

Simple: Nothing hard, just copy, paste and download

Average: Same as simpler but with more steps

Hard: This step needs several things to do in order to get the file


Browser: Firefox 42

Test on: Windows 10x 64 Bit

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