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Welcome to Menu of Eduardorandom.

If you were expected a food menu, i hate to disappoint 😛

The idea of my “Menu” is much like every other menu you see on the internet expect this menu shows the top recommendation, categories and tags all in one place which is edit by the one and only Eduardorandom.


Have Cydia Installed with little or default repos? See the list of repos you can install to your device.

Need to Jailbreak your device or someone else? Check out the jb guide!

Maybe you know what software is needed to jailbreak a certain iPhone,iPad or iPod or you just checked out the jailbreak guide? This will take you

Eduardorandom’s Jailbreak Library app that helps users jailbreak their devices with the proper information

Want to see a random post from this site? Click this link to see where it take you!

Got Snapchat on android or iOS? This guide will help users save pictures, videos and more!

Have Windows Installed? Checkout the list of software for Window users to protect from Viruses, Adware and More!

Ever wanted to download videos and music from youtube? This is the place to get a list of websites that can do that.




See the latest Andoid related information from Eduardorandom

[Coming Later] Automation is ability of letting thing happen automatically.



The idea of this category is to share things related to college



Look at the latest design from Eduardorandom. Designs can be drawing or products!

See the latest post of Downloaders



This section is nothing but blogs in English



Nothing but Post about Fedoras i made in the past. Most could be brokent

Find post with useful information in here.



This section is all about the latest iOS post from Eduardorandom.

From Repos to latest Jailbreak Software, this is the section you want to read.

This section is very similar to Snapchat Library. The difference is this is no a list but rather page of the latest snapchat post.



This section is nothing but post in Spanish aka Espanol.



This section is all about windows and windows alone.

[Coming Later] Learn more about posts about WordPress plugins, themes and more!


Learn more about post that have a connection to Facebook.

Learn more about post that related or have a connection to Instagram.

[Coming Later] Learn about the latest Keyboard overview from Eduardorandom.



This section will be about Xposed Framwork’s Modules,



This section doesn’t have any mp3’s made from Eduardorandom. The Idea of this section is share posts that relate to this.



This section will help out user’s find online services

This section will mostly be about Windows software.



This section will mostly be about Jailbreak Tweak post made discussed by Eduardorandom,



Learn more about post related to Youtube.

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