College Essay: Jailbreaking

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Jailbreaking time

By jailbreaking an iPod, iPhone, iPad, jailbreakers can have more access to an IOS device than a person who owns an unmodified IOS device. I’m going to explain what jailbreak is? When people hear the word jailbreak, they will first think of the traditional, jailbreaking which is where convicts escape from a heavy security area like a prison, but that is not the case in today’s modern world of IOS devices also known as idevices. Jailbreaking in electronic terms is where people with knowledge of IOS technology uses public software provided by white hat hackers to get access into any compatible device of Apple. Jay Freeman explains how jailbreaking works by the “removal of the older files of BSD Subsystem” which means that in order to gain jailbreak access, it removes the installed BSD subsystem (UNIX utilities) found on the idevice to replace them with new BSD files that came packaged with a jailbreaking software to install Cydia. (Freeman)
You might be wondering, who Jay Freeman (a.k.a Saurik) is and what is a Cydia? He is the creator of Cydia which is an open source app store to give users access to add tweaks such as savegram, f.lux or plugication onto a jailbroken idevice which it makes it an alternative to Apple’s App store which is a more closed source since it has no modifications with limited customization by user interactions. By having Cydia installed after a jailbreak, it allows users to search for tweaks by default sources or any installed sources because each day, developers upload new tweaks to sources and if a user has the same source, then Cydia will can show a feed of new uploaded sources. People who use Instagram don’t have the option to save pictures found on Instagram, but with help of savegram, they can which makes jailbreaking more useful since  and the same goes for F.lux which allows people to see better at night and Plugication to allow auto play of music when headphone are plug in.  In Ian Kar’s article “Exclusive Interview With Cydia Creator Jay Freeman: ‘Saurik’ Talks iOS 6 Evasi0n Jailbreak And An Open OS”, he has an exclusive interview with the creator with many questions with a question on importance of Cydia to the jailbreaking community. Saurik’s response was “the thing that’s different with Cydia from all the other things are a little similar is that it’s so decentralized” which means instead of one person having the power of Cydia, many can have it since it distributes its functions and powers to users. Jay Freeman is important because with the work he dedicated over the years, Cydia has been improved to accept new possibilities for each IOS apple has made.
Cydia has been an important part of jailbreaking, to the jailbreaking community, other jailbreakers who aren’t part of the community and all this became possible thanks to its creator.  Alex Heath‘s article “How Far We’ve Come: The Original iPhone Jailbreak Took 74 Steps [Jailbreak]” explains a process of a lost jailbreaking method before any of the current jailbreaks released to the public. MacRumors forum found a threat that had detailed instructions to jailbreak Apple’s OS 1.1.1 using various terminal commands and SSH-related steps. The jailbreak method found on MacRumors Forum author was later discovered was made then no other then Planetbeing, which is a member of a jailbreak team named Evad3rs.  Evad3rs are a current group of jailbreakers that successfully jailbroken the latest IOS by apple and the previous IOS 6 in the past, which shows that Cydia has come from the first jailbreak to the latest legally. Hackers like the Evad3rs are play an important role when jailbreaking because without them jailbreaking IOS, Jailbreaking would have stopped a long time ago which would have resulted in no freedom to add tweaks.
Jailbreaking is currently legal with the protection of an act that protects digital users. Timothy Lee’s Article “Jailbreaking now legal under DMCA for smartphones, but not tablets” explains that with the help Digital Millennium copyright act (DMCA) modification in 2012, its legal to “circumvent digital rights management schemes” jailbreaking counts as a management scheme (Lee). The following sentence is directly from the Digital Millennium Copyright act; “computer programs that enable wireless telephone handsets to execute lawfully obtained software applications, where circumvention is accomplished for the sole purpose of enabling interoperability of such applications with computer programs on the telephone handset”. With those words added to the DMCA in 2012, any person who want to try jailbreaking doesn’t need to worry about getting arrested if they think jailbreaking is illegal because it’s legal until 2015, so there is time to give it a try.
People should try jailbreaking since it’s free software to modify an IOS system of any compatible device. Antony Leather’s Article “How To Jailbreak Your iOS 7 iPhone Or iPad” explains step by step on how to jailbreak by starting how jailbreak helps him to connect to the internet using his iPhone as a modem also known as tethering (Leather). In step two paragraph 8, Leather tells the reader “There’s only one place to get this from officially and that’s” the official website of the Evad3rs (Leather). He could have chosen to upload a copy of the program to his article or a link to a file sharing website such as, but he chose to their official website because Jailbreakers are known to distribute their software for free and not paid. So if it is free, give it a try because Leather at the beginning of his article in paragraph 1, he says “Despite misinformed accounts, jailbreaking will not void your warranty and it’s simple to unstill a jailbreak- you just restore your device in iTunes” which is true since anyone can get more then they can chew when adding new features.
With the help of jailbreakers and the creator of Cydia Jay Freeman, it allows a person to add new features to their IOS device. Kyle Russell “10 Ways Jailbreaking Your iPhone Will Make Life Better” explains that instead of having a non-jailbroken device, have it jailbroken to make life better by adding new feature such as  for the lock screen, Control center or get rid annoyance of bloat ware like the newsstand. When new IOS are released by Apple, there is a high chance of new features which is positive while at the same time they can add apps that can be get rid easily, so that’s where jailbreak can help because apps such as the newsstand is annoyance to people that don’t need a news, but with features from Cydia, newsstand can be uninstalled or hidden. People can choose to stay with annoyances, defaults and limited customization or choose to jailbreak to give their device more of the user style.
New features added by Cydia allow new customizations which allows a person to personalize their idevice to their needs and if it’s compatible. John Paul Titlow’s Article “12 Really Good Reasons To Jailbreak iOS 6 Right Now” tells about various example of what can happen when jailbroken is achieved even though this is an old article on previous IOS, but that doesn’t matter because as long there is a jailbreak for any of apple’s IOS, features can be added. An example I will use from Titlow’s article is from paragraph 7 that has a title of “Make Chrome (Or Anything Else) Your Default Browser”, there are many browsers that can be added to an IOS device such as chrome and Puffin, but they can be changed to default browser (Safari) unless a user decided to jailbreak they can because instead of using Safari for everything, a tweak from Cydia can change any added browser as the default. That should be an example to jailbreak since not everybody likes defaults.
Why stick to defaults, when things can be freed up after a jailbreak. I may not have an article into parts to use as an example, but instead I will use personal experiences to show that jailbreaking is something that people shouldn’t ignore. I say that because using the same IOS system from day to night for me sound boring and I will most likely use my android phone as a source of new features. When I tried jailbreaking for the first time when IOS 4 was publicly available, I admit that I added way more tweaks need to my device, but those added features showed that it was a free device that allowed tweaks and apps to be customized by me and not by Apple. Jailbreaking is important to me because as I want my devices to be customized to my personality and without a jailbreak, I wouldn’t never own an iPhone.
To jailbreak or not, that up to a user to decide because not everyone can be perused to change their style to what someone said. Jay Freeman works hard to have a stable Cydia when it’s first available to a new IOS by apple because there can be bugs even to a stable app, it just takes a while to find out. Cydia acts as an app store similar to Apple’s App Store, but instead of stopping apps, Cydia accepts new things to bring ideas to reality by creator who upload their work to a source.  Instead of waiting for new features to be added by Apple, just jailbreak, it’s legal by the DMCA. Software of jailbreakers is free and reversible by a restore of Apple’s iTunes since free doesn’t cost anything. Sticking to the same IOS can be a thing of the past when tweaks with customization are added to a device. When I think of freedom or freed up in this case, I think that I control this device however I want without some company telling me what to do, so if people what to feel the same type of freedom I have, just jailbreak and free your device.
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