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This site is up and operational to protect the archived software! Originally when people go to any of the software on the site and click on the download button, they would be delayed few seconds to get the software to download onto their device except ios safari since it doesn’t download unless it has a tweak.

The idea behind this additional domain and longer steps is to combat bots and other websites that want to modify the archive software for bad purposes. An example would be the edit the exe,dmg and ipa files with injected malware which of course i’m against and wouldn’t do!

By having solvemedia/recapchta(as backup), bots and even people will have to solve the capchta to get their download with few safe third party ads. You will also see an interstitial ads that point to few quizzes, third party affiliated site(By buying stuff from sites, i will get a commission with goal of keeping the site up!), apps and others that will be regulated by me, Eduardorandom!


I’m finally making progress with jailbreak library, it turns out it was an sdk issue that prevent the app from being updated to the manitory android 28 version. And yes, i did start from strach which is fine since a new year is few days away. So new year, new updates coming soon! i hope to release the update within the first week of 2019!

Jailbreak Software

I’m behind the unc0vver jailbreak releases due to the additional website, but do have majorrity of them archived ready to linked and show on the app!

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