Unc0ver 2.2.0-b1 (Zip)

Undecimus-2.2.0-b1 (Zip)



Virustotal Scan



Install Cydia Substrate if it’s not already installed

Validate Cydia Substrate files and reinstall it if the validation fails

Fix a bug in switching from Electra without RootFS Restore

Clean up the kernel data structure patches to improve the performance and the security

Remove Substitute support files in the filesystem

Remove Substitute support links in the filesystem

Uninstall Electra’s Cydia Upgrade Helper if it is present

Improve preference management

Switch to a more efficient versioning system

Use a new implementation of the system’s libarchive to extract the bootstrap to increase the perfomance

Update rsync to increase the performance and the stability of RootFS Restore

Improve memory management

Re-Extract bootstrap if it was extracted on a different iOS version

Credit Saurik in the credits view for Cydia and Substrate

Avoid writing to the disk when not necessary

Add a verbose log window for the jailbreak

Make the exploits slightly faster

Make the jailbreak significantly faster and more performant

Jailbreak itself now takes almost less than a second run (Exploit not included)

What is Archived/Archiving?

As dictionary.com explains

a place where public records or other historical documents are kept.

Note: Jailbreaklibrary nor its website maker/developer is not responsible for any of the jailbreak software “Archived” here. Each software “archived” belong to their respected developer(s) and I will don’t take credit for the jailbreak software.  (Archived Explained on the “Archiving” tab)

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