Unc0ver 3.0.0-b39 (Zip)

Undecimus-v3.0.0-b39 (Zip)



Virustotal Scan



Make it install NoBetaAlert only if the device is running a beta firmware and remove if it is not

Make it install LetMeBlock only if the device is running iOS 12.0 or higher and remove if it is not

Improve the nvram patch to increase the performance of the jailbreak

Add more code for debugging possible issues

Fix Clear Diagnostics Data

Fix a kernel memory leak

Update the offsets cache to not cache an unused offset

Dump the nvram variables list

Fix jailbreaking after a unsuccessful bootstrap extraction

Reload mDNSResponder before backboardd when loading tweaks without enabling Reload System Daemons

Update the APT lists cache file for repositories

Update the local APT repo

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