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“keepSnap secretly saves your Snapchat pictures and videos without your friends knowing”


You’re with Eduardorandom! Today, I’m to extend the Snapchat library with third party apps on ois that don’t need jailbreaking. Each have some same features while others have more features that make them uniqueish. Some of the apps use a coin system which means each time a person wants to save a picture of video, it will cost money to keep using it. Today, I’m going to talk about Keepsnap by Aaron Holtom-Cook. The icon background is red with a devilish ghost, but anyway it has a free version and a paid version from an in-app version with no coin systems. The first thing it requires to use it is to login in into a Snapchat account. This app has the same features as other alternatives as that have the same idea with a simple user interface as Snapchat. The features for this app are found bellow.


Saved Received pictures

Save Stories

Save Videos

Add people inside app

Send Snapchats

Select saved pictures from photos

No Credit System

No Keepsnap logos (Pro)

Send Videos (Pro)

Auto Login to app (Pro)


Mark snaps seen when opened option

Auto log in (Pro)

Author: Aaron Holtom-Cook

Version: 2.0.3

Test on: iPod Touch 5g on 8.1 [Jailbroken]

Price: Free/ $2

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