November News


As promised, I will try to do my monthly blog to keep and show this blog is still live plus kicking on the internet beat!! Let’s begin with total virus


Total virus

Before the end of last month, I was able to add links to total virus to all the jailbreak software showing that the software archived here on Eduardorandom are safe and expected with Totalvirus.com. Some may wonder why I went the extra step and the answer is obvious, its to proof that Eduardorandom is source people can trust when it comes to jailbroken software that developers released to the public. Unlike other websites, I want to give visitors useful information and software that they can trust!!



Eduardorandom is in the process of adding the respected licenses that developers added when they released their software. Something that needs to be noted is “Redsn0w”, their license states to not redistribute their software however as mentioned on the website, I believe in keeping jailbreaking alive by archive it and slightly bending their license to preserve it!  Some software will also have a “No License was found” noticed meaning no license was found and thus allowing me (Eduardorandom) to archive with no issues. Hopefully I want to have all of the software to have a license note/section by the end of the year.


Software Changes

Just like the licenses to the software, ill will do my best to add a changelog for each software.



I’m finally in the process of updated them however I seemed to bumbed into issues with Google’s newest minimal SDK issue so please bear with me while I try my best to get rid of them to update the apps!


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