Hello Visitors, followers and downloaders,

It’s been a while since I posted a blog updated and thought it be best to try to post one during the month on October to try and keep my followers updated.

First thing first

I’ll try to now on to post a monthly post to keep everybody know what’s happening begin my website. You can also try to go to the Status page on top menu to known what I’m working on. Can’t promise that Ill update it either as much but have mention something that need to be updated on the page.

Virustotal is everywhere on software?

Maybe you try to download a software on my website and noticed a virustotal image in the description, I’m been added the image/banner to all of the jailbreak software to let know visitors/downloaders that the software archived here have been scanned by the service. If you want to see the results for yourself, you can click on the image to see them.

What’s Eduardoradom.link?

Sooo, to keep this website upfloat and try to promote my print on demand products on redubble and possibly zazzle, I added an additional php script for all downloads and outside links to go this domain (Which I own) to promote them. Don’t worry, unlike adfly or other short url with ads, mine only has banners which hence an spam/malware zone.


The apps need to be updated so hopefully before the end of 2018, Ill update the sdk

Jailbreak library database screwup

Probably only new users noticed but half of the jailbreak library was messed up and I apologize. It seems I used the wrong database file to update the app.


That’s it for now




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