Jarida, the previous WordPress template served me well over the few years however I felt it was time I changed to something that is more simple especially towards mobile users. The new template is called voice if anyone is interested in knowing.
Most visitors haven’t probably noticed but my Jbapp subdomain was recently taken down for causing sever issues. For people who didn’t knew about the subdomain was towards my Jailbreak Library Android app. It can now be found here within this site.
Anyone interested also, I added a dns lists onto the site also within this site and can be found here. The idea of the dns list is for my big dns changer app
Information about my two android apps can be found here. One app is called jailbreak library for ios jailbreaks and the other big dns changer is for changing dns on Android without root
One big question on readers minds is will I blog like the old days? Yes,I will blog eventually

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