Jailbreak Guide

Its best to let visitors know the jailbreak guide is broken currently, its missing info of compatibility jailbreaks with phones and pictures within the guide.
I been working on jailbreak Library during the mean time and hopefully find a new way to categorize the repo software, so for the mean time, it will be outdated!

Jailbreak Library

Jailbreak Library is still in work of progress
-New advertisements to reduce full screen
-Built In guide is going to be broken
-Added Your device: Android Devices, possible device
And more later

Currently released:

BlueYalu 5.1i1
BlueYalu 5.1i2
Electra b6-5
Electra b7
Electra b8
Electra b8-2
Electra b9
Electra b10
G0blin RC2
Meridian Public Release 6

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