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The Software

Administrator Access

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One Sentence Description:

Combofix was designed to scan a computer for known malware, spyware (SurfSideKick, QooLogic, and Look2Me as well as any other combination of the mentioned spyware applications) and remove them.


You’re with Eduardorandom!

Today, I’m to going to talk about Combofix. It’s a windows program when given administrative permissions with one other thing, it will scan a computer for known malware.The advantage of using this software is that it helps look for programs that can make a computer slow, behaves weird, or it infected.

How to use it:

Download the software by clicking on the link under the “Download Link”

It will ask for admin access when first run

It will ask for a user to accept for an agreement, select yes to continue

After selecting yes, it will install itself in

*If any real time scanners are active, it will ask to disable

Other Information:

Frequent updates

Done at your own risk

Author: sUBS


Test on: Windows 7x 64 Bit


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