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Compatible Windows
Download Link: (Look for the download button!)
You’re with Eduardorandom!
Today, I’m going to discuss about Reason Core Security! It a software that will scan for malware once it installs. This going to need internet to connect to the cloud and find malware
How to install it:
Download the software by clicking on the link under the “Download Link”
Right click and run as administration or else a pop up will ask to do it anyway
Click on start
Press next to continue
Press I agree to accept the terms of agreement and continue
Installing process
Press next to Finish to continue (This will open Reason core if checked)
How to use it:
Gives welcome message (Step 1)
Press next to continue
Describes about its Innovative Malware Protection (Step 2)
Press next to continue
Describes protection score (Step 3)
Press next to continue
Run Initial Compatibility scan (Step 4) (Yes is checked by default)
Press next to continue
Internet is required to do Initial Compatibility scan
Abort to stop, retry to retry connection to internet or ignore to start program
Right away, it starts scanning the system
If any threat are found, click remove x threat
Main scanning place
Programs- This shows a list of all the programs installed on the system with the biggest risk on top.
Startups- Shows lists of programs that start by themselves when windows runs from a shutdown or reboot
Browser Addons- List of programs that run alongside a browser such as Firefox or chrome
Remediation- Repair and reset windows settings
Diagnostic scans- Built in diagnostic scan to find information
General- Enable or disable RCS when pc starts and more
Protection- Enable or disable real time protection and Bundle protection
Connection- Configure Proxy
Scheduled Scan- Enable or disable Scheduled scan with option to configure it
Exclusions- Any items that are excluded will show up here
Licensing- Type of protection such as this was Complete Protection (Trial)
Quarantine- Suspicious files show up here because they become isolated
Previous Scans- Lists of completed scans
Logs- History of all events
Other Information:
Trial is activated (Look upper left or Bottom)
Author: Reason Core
Version: Unknown
Test on: Windows 10 x64

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