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Compatible Windows
Download Link: (Look for the download button!)
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Today, I’m going to discuss about Emisoft AntiMalware.
It’s a software that will let users know which software are update to date and which aren’t.
How to install it:
Download the software by clicking on the link under the “Download Link”
Right click and run as administration or else a pop up will ask to do it anyway
Click on start
Click on “I accept the agreement” then Install
Installation process begins
The software auto runs itself after the installation is complete
After the installation, it will asks to set up the software
The first step is the license mode, the options are: 30 day trial, License Key and Buy new License key
I decided to go for 30 day trial
The next step is if users want to join Emsisoft Network
I selected, “No thanks”
Next steps is Emsisoft will ask for PUPS (Potentially Unwanted Programs)
I selected “Enable Pups Detection
Loads Scan Engine
It will ask how to clean computer, options are “Quick Scan”,”Smart Scan”,”Full Scan” and lastly “Custom Scan”.
I selected “Smart scan”
It took me a while to scan my entire computer.
Press next to continue
It will ask the items found to be quarantined
After the items are quarantined, it will finished the installation.
Over view:
This section has the scans and other important information such as protection type, Scan, Quarantine shortcut, and logs. Other items are for support, updates and Emsisoft news.
This section is split into more sections, such as Application rules, Surf Protection, File Guard and Behavior guard.
-Applications rule helps users monitor or block application using Emsisoft.
-Surf Protection gives users the option to protect themselves from ip address by adding new rules or importing hosts files.
-File Guard features is a feature to customize scan on files types such as which extension and scan level.
-Behavior Guard helps monitor programs with certain activities such as backdoor, spyware and more.
This section gives users which type of scans they want. From Quick scan to Custom Scan. More options includes such as scheduled scans.
It’s pretty simple what this section has in quarantined. Any software that has been found and quarantined will show up here.
The logs section name says it all. This section will keep logs on surf protection, file guard ,behavior blocker, scans, quarantine and updates.
Feel like customizing the software? This is the place to make it happen! It has several sections, General, Scheduled scans, Updates, Notifications, Permissions and License.
-General customization like real time protection, language, logging and more
-Enable/disable Scheduled scan to when to run scans
-Control update like every hour, once a day and the option to join the Emsisoft Network
-Control Notifications pop ups
-To add password or not to add password to the Emsisoft program
-Learn about the current license users are on or buy a new license from this section.
While I did say the software is free, it free to try
Author: Emisoft
Version: Unknown
Test on: Windows 10 x64

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