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Today, I’m going to discuss about Pandora White Box for windows. It’s a free windows software that has approximately 20 networking tools.
How to install it:
Download the software from
Extracted the software from .zip files
Run the software with user admin rights
Press the next button to continue
Press yes to agree to agreement and to continue
Press next to continue
Press finish to finishing installing
The magic happens when a user picks something from the tabs bellow
Ping- Helps ping Destination Hostname, IP Address and or Domain
Trace-Traces Host Name or IP Address
Whois- Check the Whois of a Website
Remote Host/IP- Remote control for Hostname or IP Address
Remote Server Name/Version- Remotely check Webserver
Website Source Code- Title says it all, allows a user to view source code for a website
Remote Terminal- Built in Remote Terminal that can have up to 5 servers
Encryption/Decryption- Built in Encryption/Decryption tool. It will lock file with .en_log format
Html Encryption- This will encrypt .html files, so a .html is needed
Inviolable encryption/Decryption- Higher feature then the previous encryption/Decryption with 16 character limit.
Cyber Crypto black Edition- Sam as above however with a limit of 100 character limit and with black background.
Vulnerability Scanners:
Heartbleed Scanner-Checks a website for the heartbleed bug
PHP Show Code Scanner-Scans a website’s php file to see if it able to see the code is vulnerable
Denial of service Scanner- The first thing that shows up is a warning. The purpose is to see if servers are vulnerable to DOS attacks.
Remote Trojan Horse Scanner-Check Host or IP address for Trojan Horse. It has a list of known Trojan horses.
ISS/ PWS Unicode Vulnerability Scanner- Scanner for ISS/PWS Unicode vulnerability on Domain or IP.
Cross Site Scripting Scanner-Scans cross sit scripting on domain or IP address.
Port Scanners:
Single Port Scanner- Scan one port at a time.
Multiple Port Scanner- Scan multiple ports at the same time.
Malicious File Detector- Automatically scans for malicious files when open
E-Mail Authentication- Checks for suspicious email headers (When pasted)
Password Generator- Built in password generator that various from 6 to 16 characters in length.
Intrusion Detection- It will monitor for networking changes on TCP port 80
Web Browsing Firewall Policy- Checks for Firewall policy by using a website as an example
Net Disassembler- It’s a gui that doesn’t exactly dissemble the net. This requires .net framework, Visual Studio and windows SDK.
Learn more about the developer, version installed and links to his social media.
License Agreement:
Show the license agreement a person accepts when installing this software.
The exit
Author: Christos Beretas
Version: 7.0
Test on: Windows 10 x64

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