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Download Link: (Look for the download button!)





You’re with Eduardorandom!

Today, I’m going to discuss about Secunia PSI. It’s a software that will let users know which software are update to date and which aren’t.

How to install it:

Download the software by clicking on the link under the “Download Link”

Right click and run as administration or else a pop up will ask to do it anyway

Click on start

Select language for program (Default is English)

Press ok to continue

Press next to Continue

Check “I accept the terms of the license agreement”

Press next to continue

Choose any of three you feel your most comfortable

Press next to continue

Installation process

Press finish to continue


Need internet connection to proceed and open up

Loads up screen

Secunia System Score is shown up top (Mine was 90%)

Programs that need updating show up on top

Click on Click to update to update the software


Other Information:

No Proxy support is available yet.

Author: PSi

Version: Unknown

Test on: Windows 10 x64

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