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Amazon or PayPal to pay

Signed into a Facebook or Google account for verification

Not all version work, so download this one here

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You’re with Eduardorandom, today I’m going to talk about a tweak that keeps logs on Snapchat activity. The problem with Snapchat is that it’s an app that supposable deletes photos, but with the right tools, the photos can be retrieved. The name of the tweak is named “Snapchat log”, it means that it keeps logs on Snapchat activity. An example would be if someone forget what they sent to a friend, received from friends and stories. The number one requirement is a jailbreak, if you don’t have one check out the jailbreak guide section, the tweak mentioned on this post, a twitter account, the twitter app for iOS, a Facebook/Google for verification and an Amazon/PayPal account to pay the price after verification. With that said, let’s get started to give your device more options!

How to Download

Open up Cydia, go to search, and search for “Snapchat log”

Tweak Settings

This tweak has options in the setting section,

A new icon was added in past


  • Sent
  • Received
  • Story
  • Enable Snapchat log
  • Integrate into Snapchat


Keep logs of sent snapchats, Received and stories

Enable or disable the tweak


Don’t update the app

How to use:

Install the tweak after paying And Open Snapchat. Sent received and stories are seen in the Snapchat log.


Default Repo



Tested on:

iPod Touch 5g



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