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You’re with Eduardorandom, today I’m going to talk about a tweak that can make Snapchat app better. Snapchat is a useful application to chat with people, but it can get boring is something isn’t added and waiting is something boring unless its jailbroken, why wait? The name of the tweak is called snapfeed, it’s a free tweak that lets a person to go directly to the feed of Snapchat when opening up the app instead of opening it up on camera.  A good example to use this tweak is if someone is a heavy Snapchat user, it’s annoying to see the camera first then slide to see the feed. The number one requirement is a jailbreak, if you don’t have one check out the jailbreak guide section, Snapchat account, Snapchat app and the tweak mentioned on this post. With that said, let’s get started to give your device more options!

How to Download

Open up Cydia, go to search, and search for “snapfeed”

Tweak Settings

This tweak has no options in the setting section,

No new icon is added to the Homescreen


Takes the user to the feed


None so far

How to use:

Install the tweak and open Snapchat to see it in action

Repo: (What’s a repo and how to install one?)

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Tested on:

iPod Touch 5g




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