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One Sentence Description:

“SnapGrab is a cool app for you to save photos and videos you like from Snapchat to your iOS device. “


Both Snapme and Snapgrab have the same user interface

You’re with Eduardorandom! Today, I’m to extending the Snapchat library with third party apps on iOS that don’t need jailbreaking. Each have some same features while others have more features that make them uniqueish.  Some of the apps use a coin system which means each time a person wants to save a picture of video, it will cost money to keep using it. I’m going to talk about Snapme by AppChannel Limited. The icon background is purple around the icon with a modified Snapchat ghost on the middle holding a camera, the app is free to download with in app purchases.The app has a coin system, but it uses a one upgrade to get the rest of the features to not use the coin system. The app has the feature like other apps to save photos and videos. The features for this app are found bellow.


Coin System

Chats tab which has all the new snapchats

Stories tab for the latest stories from snap friends

Camera tab to take pictures/videos or upload pics

Snapme Is to send snaps to random people


Store for in app purchases (Money and internet required)

Settings for passode, location and more

FAQ (internet required)



Invite Friends for some coins

Author: App Channel Limited

Version: 3.8

Test on: iPod Touch 5g on 8.1 [Jailbroken]



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