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You’re with Eduardorandom, today I’m going to talk about a tweak that allows a person to break the rule of writing in one line. By default, a person can write on a picture taken by snapchat with only one line to say something making it not useful, but that can be taken care of. The name of the tweak is named “snapmoretext, as the name implies, a person can text more in the snapchat text. An example would be instead of saying hello, hi or what you’re doing, a jailbreaker can say” Hey whats up beautiful because the sun is shining with out in front of me or something similar that can fill up the screen full of small words. The number one requirement is a jailbreak, if you don’t have one check out the jailbreak guide section, and the tweak mentioned on this post. With that said, let’s get started to give your device more options!
How to Download
Open up Cydia, go to search, and search for “Snapmoretext”
Tweak Settings
This tweak has no options in the setting section,
No new icon is added on Homescreen
Fill the whole screen with words
Don’t update the app till the tweak is updated first
Doesn’t work alongside with phantom
How to use:
Install the tweak, open snapchat, text in the picture till the screen is full
Default Repos
Tested on:
iPod Touch 5g

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