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You’re with Eduardorandom, today I’m going to talk about a tweak that allows a person to select a picture from gallery. By default, to share a picture, a person needs to take a picture to share through snapchat to another users(s), but not anymore because if there are pictures in gallery, u can share them like in android. The name of the tweak that allow us to share picture is called “Snapselect”, as it name intends, it allows a person to select a picture from gallery to share on Snapchat. An example to use this tweak is if someone want to share a picture from last night or week, this tweak will allow the person to share the picture from the gallery. The number one requirement is a jailbreak, if you don’t have one check out the jailbreak guide section and the tweak mentioned on this post. With that said, let’s get started to give your device more options!

How to Download

Open up Cydia, go to search, and search for “snapselect”

Tweak Settings

This tweak has no options in the setting section,

No new icon is added on homescreen, only snapchat app


Select a picture from gallery

No more camera only


Don’t update the app till the tweak is updated first

Doesn’t work alongside phantom

How to use:

Install tweak, open snapchat, a new icon is added to the camera options and click to open gallery


Default Repo



Tested on:

iPod Touch 5g



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