Title: Snapshare


Android Root

Xposed framework

Android device


Not all version work with keepchat so download this version.

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You’re with Eduardorandom, today I’m going to talk about an xposed module that allows u to share saved picture from start. The modern version of snapchat allows u to only share after a conversation is started, but there is a way to start from the beginning. The xposed module is called snapshare and its requirements are in the description part. With that said, Let’s get started to give ur device more options

How to install xposed framworks


Xposed Settings?

This has setting in xposed frameworks app to modify.


Allows to share pictures saved on device to start snapchatting


Can’t update snapchat because if u do, there is a chance the module won’t work until there is an update for it

How to use:

Go to gallery or any other to view a phot, click on the share option and click on snapshare.

Xposed link/available on Xposed app also


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