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Today, IM going to talk about Sophos Virus Removal. It’s a windows program that will scan processes, regirstry, task, host file, anti-root, files/filder, MBR and web browsers computer for malware.

How to use it:

Download the software by clicking on the link under the “Download Link”

It will ask for admin access when first run

Extracts files

Prepares to install

Press next

Accept the terms to continue

Choose the destination folder (Default: C:Program filesSophosSophos Virus Removal Tool

Press install to begin installation

Finish to complete installation

Find the new Sophos Virus Removal Tool link on desktop to run it

Requires administration access

Loads Sophos splash screen

Downloads and installs updates (If connected to internet)

Welcome message appears

Press “start scanning” to start scan (Can take a while)

If anything shows up, it will appear in the results

I canceled because i had other things to do and was taking to long



Other Information:


Author: Sophos

Version: Unknown

Test on: Windows 7x 64 Bit

Free to download

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