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You’re with Eduardorandom!

Today, I’m going to about Unhide, It’s a windows that unhides hidden files and folders inside the windows system.

How to use it:

Download the software by clicking on the link under the “Download Link”

Right click and run as administration or else a pop up will ask to do it anyway

Click on start

Right away it searches for hidden files.

“Please be patient while your files are made visible again”

Processing the C: drive

Finished processing the c: drive XXX files processed

Same with other drivers

Searching for windows Registry changes made by FAkeHDD rogues

Program finished at [date, time]

Execution time: [hours] [minutes] and [seconds]

Final message
“Your files should now visible. If you’re still missing start menu items, please temporarily disable your antivirus or security programs and try again in the event that they interfered with the restoral process. Once completed, it is advised that you reboot your computer for the settings to function properly.

A log file containing information about what action unhide performed can be found on your windows desktop.”

Author: BleepingComputer


Test on: Windows 10 x64

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