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Today, I’m going to talk about Winpatrol, It’s a windows program that will protect the windows system in the background.
How to install it:
Download the software by clicking on the link under the “Download Link”
Right click and run as administration or else a pop up will ask to do it anyway
Press Next
Read accept Important information and then press next
Fill out the Registration info. (Name, Country, & Email) and then press next
Customize the installation options if need and press install
To run it, press finish
How to use it:
The program works on what is customized. Win Patrol has the following subject that can be customized. Startup, Delayed start, IE Helpers, Scheduled tasks, Services, Active Tasks, Cookies, File Types, Hidden Files, Recent, Plus required 1, Plus Required 2, Plus and options.
“When you turn on your computer or anytime you restart Windows, the programs listed below will run automatically unless disabled.”
This gives users a list of programs that run automatically and gives users the option to enable new programs or disable current programs on the list to prevent them from running up
Delayed start:
“Increase the speed of your computer startup by delaying programs not needed immediately.”
This gives users a lists of programs that allows users to delay programs.
IE Helpers:
“Scotty the windows watch dog reports the following IE Helper program, toolbar or link has been installed will be loaded by Internet Explorer browser and other Windows components.”
This gives users a lists of add-ons that are installed on the IE program.
Scheduled tasks:
“Scotty the windows watch dog reports the following programs are currently scheduled by Windows task scheduler.”
This gives users a lists of tasks that run automatically. An example would be the built in Google Chrome Auto Update. This is similar to the built in scheduled tasks program.
“Scotty the windows watch dog reports the following windows services are installed on your computer.”
This gives users a lists of services that runs in the background of windows. This is similar to using the services program.
Active Tasks:
“Scotty the windows watch dog has sniffed out the following programs which are currently running on your computer.”
This gives users a lists of tasks that runs in the background of windows. This is similar to using task in the task manager.
“Scotty the windows watch dog automatically will remove cookies that contain certain text portions in their title.”
This gives users a lists of cookies found inside the windows system.
File Types:
“Scotty the windows dog reports that the following programs are associated with particular file types.”
This gives users a lists of extensions used inside of windows. An example would for the VLC program.
Hidden Files:
“The files listed below are marked as hidden. Many are legitimate system files which are required by windows. This list is provided only for malware cleanup. Use extreme caution removing any of these files.”
Shows files that are hidden.
“This page is designed specially to help clean up recent malware infections. You’ll find a number of programs from various location recently detected on your computer.”
Useful to remove programs.
Plus required 1 (ActiveX):
“The following Activex Controls have been registered for use by Internet Explorer and windows. Winpatrol recommends you disable Activex controls only when security vulnerabilities are known and no patches are available.”
Requires upgrade.
Plus Required 2 (Registry):
“Scotty can monitor the following registry locations to make sure they don’t change without your permissions.”
This is only unlocked once he plus upgrade is obtained. This monitors registry of windows.
“Enter your Registration, plus code and click apply to unlock all our features.”
This is the main place to upgrade from the free edition of winpatrol to winpatrol plus.
“Customize winpatrol to meet your own performance and security needs. Optional reports can help you share critical system information in multiple formats. Increase performance and optimize options by upgrading to winpatrol plus.”
There are other customizations inside this section.
Other Information:
Upgrade option to Winpatrol Plus
Author: Ruiware
Version: 33.1.2015.0
Test on: Windows 10x 64 Bit

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