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Compatible Windows
Download Link: (Look for the download button!)
Author’s Site
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Today, I’m going to discuss about Zemmana Anti-malware. It’s a windows software that helps to protect users against known malware. This software uses cloud based scanning to scan for new malware known by Zemmana.
How to install it:
Download the software by clicking on the link under the “Download Link”
Right click and run as administration or else a pop up will ask to do it anyway
Click on start
Click Ok to continue (English is default language)
Click next to continue
Click on “I accept the agreement”
Click next to continue
Click next to continue
Click next to continue
Installation Process
Runs automatically
Automatically updates malware definition
If nothing shows up, your done
Other Information:
Free Trial
Has settings
Quarantine Section
License section
Reports Section
Smart and Deep scan
Author: Zemana
Test on: Windows 10 x64

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