Welcome Back Eduardorandom!

February 17, 2023

Welcome Back Eduardorandom

After messing up the website's template for the x number of times, I thought it be best to rest the website from scratch and I mean like actual scratch. It’s not the first time since I made eduardorandom.com that I tweaked the setting too much and caused either the site to go down from too much modifcations or make it inaccessible to both visitors who visit and me (Hehe).

So Why Tweak it?

So, you’re probably wondering why I like to tweak my website a lot? Well, its simple because many websites are built under WordPress platform which this is one is too! (Here come the hackers!) It’s a Content Management System or CSM for short that is very customizable with the right tools aka plugins. But of course, when added way too much plugins, it can crash the site over and over until a solution is found because the server the site is on has a limit according to what plan you bought from what hosting company. If you go cheap, it means that the server has less resources and can’t handle many plugins.

Since when has it been running?

Going back, this website has been here since 2013 and was about time I revived the blogging that the website was made for originally . Over the years, this website has many things included that stay for a while and went to another area after such as the shopping page that is in work in progress right now with content from my Redbubble store.

What type of blog is it?

Things I want to blog about will be like always, technology-based ideas that can include off topics when comparing this site to other tech blogger site, ideas such as my foodie adventures, drawing and much more I would like to add once things get started.

Let the blogging adventure begin!!


*Some parts are still under construction

February 17, 2023
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February 17, 2023
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