What’s Jailbreak Library?

Jailbreak library is an application that used to help only android users at the beginning to jailbreak compatible iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and few Apple Tv) by looking at a repo of software that I have archived over the years.

Since its initial lunch a few years ago back in 2015, it has grown from having just 250 to 500 to 800 jailbreak software all available within the app and website.  It functions both as an android app located with the google play store and a website that’s part of this site (Just click the jailbreak menu item or here)

Goals of the app

The official slogan of the app is

“An App that helps users to get the necessary software to jailbreak iOS devices”

This slogan was made to show instead of looking all over the internet, you can look at a single site more specifically a library of jailbreaks software hence where the library name came from.

In order for people to download the mention, the software is to open the app, find the compatible software, click the link to open the site and then download it from the site. It seems like a hassle but having users going to the site, it helps the growth of the site!

About ads

No free apps now a day is without ads included. Yes, the app has ads that include the full-screen ads, banners and interstitial ads for download now. This is because to make the app from Xposed Module installers to what the app is now wasn’t an easy task for me so monetizing the app helps me the developer and the server the files are located.

If anyone asks, there won’t be an ad-free version of the app because downloads/hosting the files cost resources.

Latest release 3.4

Added over 250 new jailbreak software

Changed Repo File Location

Adjusted Repo File message

Added new devices to guide

Updated SDKs

Adjusted about app messaged


No jailbreak shows when a device doesn’t have any jailbreaks available like iPhone 11 Max

Why start at 3.4?

Over a few months ago, the website had change-logs released and they gotten erased when I wanted a new look from scratch. That’s the story.

If I got time, ill add change-logs blogs to the site when I have more content.

[appbox googleplay jb.eduardorandom.library]

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