Welcome to my Website. My name is Eduardo Martinez, I’m the founder of Eduardorandom.com. It’s a website for people who want to find useful information on various technology ideas. Instead of staying with the same idea like jailbreaking, I decided to go to various projects to catcher a wider audience. I began this website in 2013 to share ideas with people who would like to hear them. There are people who don’t always like to hear things about technology, so that’s where a personal website/blog comes handy to capture the right audience. My ideas vary over time because one week I’m talking about jailbreak with the following week talking about windows software. If I don’t change it, I wouldn’t be Eduardorandom!


Eduardorandom, it been used since 2008 starting with an email. I’m going to explain how the name began because it’s kind of obvious the first part of Eduardorandom comes from my first name. I could have chosen any username that was available, but to me, it was important to stay with Eduardo in my username. The second part random, it comes from my favorite word around 2008. From any word in almost any dictionary, the word random is probably the best word to describe a person like myself because of my ideas and thoughts keep changing over time. Ever since then, I have decided to use the same username for every social media network. It may not seem important to use the same username Eduardorandom for every social network, but using it many time, it creates allows a person to have different result like finding my website.

  • My Mission

    For my life to get better I have to get better.
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