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Jailbreak Library Privacy Added

About the version In the latest release of jailbreak library (1.4.2), i integrated Tappx sdk into the app.   What Is Tappx? Your probably asking what is Tappx, Tappx is a service that allows developers to promote other developers apps with in my apps. The same can be said about my apps in other developers apps because they promote my ...

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Updated Cydia Repo List 2017

http://3khmeriphone.com/sp http://aarzee.me/cydia http://akeaswaran.github.io/repo http://allankerr.github.io/repo http://antiquebeta.github.io http://apt.25pp.com http://apt.3kzhushou.com http://apt.alfhaily.me http://apt.enduniverse.com/cydia http://apt.feng.com http://apt.feng.com http://apt.golddavid.com http://apt.iarrays.com http://apt.if0rce.com http://apt.imokhles.com http://apt.taig.com http://apt.tongbu.com http://apt.xmodgames.com http://arcetera.github.io http://beta.unlimapps.com http://bluesymphony.kirara.ca http://capt.dreamcode.it http://chewitt.me/repo http://chickenmatt5.github.com/repo http://cj81499.github.io http://cokepokes.github.io http://coolstar.org/publicrepo http://creaturesurvive.github.io http://cydia.alexbeats.com http://cydia.angelxwind.net http://cydia.clezz.com http://cydia.clezz.com/a/ http://cydia.dtathemes.com/repo http://cydia.f0u4d.com http://cydia.fay.io http://cydia.hband.ws http://cydia.heaveniphone.com http://cydia.hiraku.tw http://cydia.ianburns.co http://cydia.ichitaso.com http://cydia.ijapija00.com http://cydia.ilove-apple.com http://cydia.iphonecake.com http://cydia.joedj.net http://cydia.ppsspp.org http://cydia.r333d.com http://cydia.repoleak.com http://cydia.rob311.com/repo http://cydia.thomasfinch.me http://cydia.vn http://cydia00.net/repo http://danieltaylor.tk/repo http://dannyglover.github.io/repo http://danyl.net/repo http://decimation.github.io http://devbug.me/apt http://dylanduff.github.io/repo http://evilpengu.in/cydia http://exitgy.github.io/repo http://festival.ml/repo ...

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Roto Youtube Descargadores

Al limpiar el sitio para mejorar el mejoramiento del usuario, me doy cuenta de que el siguiente sitio estaba roto, vendido y otros estados que no permitían a los usuarios usarlos más. Recursos de Youtube para más descargadores de Youtube   http://catchmp3.net/ Server Dns no se pudo encontrar al intentar acceder al sitio web   Tuberpot.com Server Dns no se ...

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Broken Youtube Downloaders:

While cleaning up the site for better user improvement, I notice the following site were broken, sold and other states that didn’t allowed users to use them anymore. Youtube Resources for more Youtube Downloaders   http://catchmp3.net/ Server Dns could not be found when trying to access the website   Tuberipper.com.ve Server Dns could not be found when trying to access ...

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