What the difference between social media marketing and viral marketing?

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So now lets have some content now starting with the difference between Social Media Marketing and Viral Marketing

So what is Social Media Marketing?

It’s the process of engaging with target audience on social media platform that include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more found on today’s internet. It somewhat does and doesn’t matter which social network someone decides to create a page, to have an effective social media marketing requires content to bring in new followers and give reasons to come back to the page/website. I saw it somewhat does matter because some social network are made for certain things like linkedin for business, twitter for updates and Instagram for pictures so the same content can’t always have same reaction unless a follower is following all your social media channels.

To give an example, a startup company/org starts there first Facebook page on Facebook. To get an audience for the new page, the example company will need to start having content in order to have followers to like the page. Example company can choose to go the random route with different content to target different types of audience or go the target audience route which could have higher chance of engagement with content that aim at a certain audience.

And now what is Viral Marketing?

It’s the process of the same publish content from the example company above from either a social media page or website. People follow pages they like and can choose to Reblog/reshare the content on some networks however many don’t need to reshare the content by pressing a button, they can also just copy the link and share it

An example site would be this site to begin! You see the floating bar with social media on the left (Desktop) or the social bar bellow (Mobile)? (If don’t see it, something aka extension is blocking it!)

That is viral marketing waiting to happen! Once someone shares let’s say the homepage of this site on Facebook, people will see and interact with the link but that interaction is just part of the viral marketing. To make the shared link of this site to make it viral, one person shares the link and then two other people share with more and more people share the site!


Social media marketing is content that is made for target audience engagement while viral marketing is content that keeps on getting shared from one person to another with different people in different groups.

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