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I thought I share an essay I did. In the past, I did have some on the site but lost them.


Dear Alex,

I have been hearing you never heard of the term personal branding and wanted someone to teach you about it. The term personal branding is when finding something unique that you can build, create a personal reputation along the way and bring in customers from different areas. Everyone may give you different answers about personal branding and that’s ok because the majority of responses will be right about it. They themselves will probably have personal experiences that contributed to their answer. Alex, to get started on your own personal brand in a short way, you need to find three things that will help you get there. The first thing you can do is asking yourself “what do you know about yourself that can help people to get to know you best?”, meaning can you share something. The second option is to create a personal statement to have goals that include steps on how to accomplish those goals over time. The third and final step is to let the world know that your product or even services are available for by use by posting it on social media.

For me Alex, what I did to have my own personal media is by having a website that is searchable. It may not sound a lot to people but having a website allows me to tell visitors or searchers that I have something they may have. Bloggers such as myself share information that some people want which allows to me be personal since it’s my website! Try to stick to one subject at a time to gather people to your site, but if you have the time then you can add other subjects of information.

Having an active personal media is like having a speaker, which is a start for people who want followers. As you grow with more and more followers thanks to social media, you need to ask yourself an important question; “What makes me different from other bloggers?” An answer to this question is finding the niche of your target audience. So, if you were to become a food blogger, for example, you can choose to travel from state to state to let your audience know that you travel from California to New York, eat at a
certain Mexican restaurant and tried something the like house burrito special ending with you review of it. Having a food blog or any other type of personal blog may not be an easy task but having fun will make it less stressful and can make you happy to share your thoughts that can lead to new followers.

Another thing I learned within my personal branding class is having a strong and understandable message for readers to read aka typography. You may be wondering “what is Typography?”. It’s the designing technique of words, shapes, colors, and lines found on newspaper, TV and digital advertising. By having it strong and readable typography, digital advertisers can make it easier for online shoppers to find their desired product. Without it, readers will have a harder time understanding what’s the message
behind the design and no visitors will come.

If you ever wanted to become a blogger or even start a company online, personal branding is one method of starting from scratch. Sure, there are other methods of marketing that can help the business flourish but to stand out from the competition is a crucial step to gather followers and build customer loyalty over time. Without it, people might find your brand but will notice you have a similar product that all over your competition has making yourself not unique.

Thank you for listening to my opinion on personal branding Alex, it was a pleasure sharing my personal experience as a digital marketer. Don’t afraid to own a website to make your brand vision into reality!

I wish you luck

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